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Children’s Dental Care in Campsie

Baby teeth may be temporary, but that doesn’t mean dental care for children is any less important than it is for adults. In fact, proper oral hygiene and dental care may help your child develop good habits for life.

When you bring your child in for their appointment at Campsie Street Dental, our friendly dentists can work to make them feel comfortable as we check their oral health and look for any possible signs of problems. We may then suggest treatments to help manage a dental issue, or preventive treatments to help maintain their teeth health.

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How often should my child visit the dentist?

Routine dental visits are important for maintaining good oral health at all ages. For children who follow good oral care habits, an annual visit to the dentist may be sufficient. We may recommend more frequent visits for children prone to oral health problems or with orthodontic issues, so our dentists can monitor their development more closely.

We recommend that parents bring children in for their first dental visit as soon as their teeth start to develop, so we can check whether their teeth growth is as expected or help identify any problems early. Regular check-ups can start as early as 2-3 years of age.

Introducing your children to the dentist at an early age can be a good way to help them feel more comfortable going to the dentist as they get older. This can encourage good oral hygiene habits and may help prevent oral health issues down the road.

What happens at my child’s dental visit?

We can help your child to feel comfortable and relaxed while our dentists check their teeth and gums. If we notice any signs of problems, we’ll discuss treatment options with you so you can decide what’s best for your child.

We can also offer guidance on proper teeth brushing and healthy eating and drinking if required, and we may recommend oral hygiene products to help protect their teeth.

We don’t use dental x-rays during routine oral health assessments for children, unless we spot signs of a problem and need to take a closer look. We’ll discuss this with you when/if it occurs.

How can I help look after my child’s oral health?

Instilling good oral hygiene habits early can be beneficial. You can help look after your child’s oral health even before their first tooth appears: you can do this by wiping their gums with a soft cloth to help remove food remnants and by not letting them to go to bed with a bottle in their mouth.

Brushing teeth twice a day, using a small, soft toothbrush and children’s toothpaste, is recommended as soon as your child’s teeth appear. Usually, kids need help brushing their teeth until they’re old enough to do it themselves. If they have difficulty keeping their teeth clean, we may recommend an electric toothbrush.

Children can start flossing every day as soon as they have two teeth that touch together. Parents can also try to encourage healthy eating and drinking habits, such as cutting down on sugary snacks, soft drinks and fruit juices that can accelerate tooth decay.


We offer early orthodontics for children at Campsie Street Dental. Children’s teeth grow at a rapid rate and issues with teeth alignment and straightening can often be corrected at a young age. This could mean that your child may not have to wear braces as a teenager, or that their later orthodontic treatments may be easier.

If we identify a need for early orthodontic treatment (between the ages of 6-12) we may recommend a myofunctional trainer. This device is worn in the mouth to help train the muscles and soft tissues of the tongue. It can help prevent or correct problems with breathing, speech and posture while encouraging their teeth growth.

For older children and teenagers with crooked teeth or bite problems, we may recommend braces.

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Preventive treatments

Our dentists may also recommend preventive treatments to help lower the risk of your child developing problems in the first place. These may include:

Fissure sealants

The chewing teeth (molars) may have tiny holes and gaps that can trap food or bacteria and encourage tooth decay. We can seal these gaps with fissure sealants, creating a barrier to help protect children’s teeth against plaque.


Sports can be great for staying fit, but accidents can happen. Children and teens who play contact sports such as rugby can be at risk of dental injuries. We can provide a mouthguard custom-fitted to your child’s teeth, which we recommend wearing when playing the sport.

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