Crowns & Bridges

Crowns & Bridges in Campsie

Damaged, weak or missing teeth can increase your risk of developing oral health problems and may even affect your quality of life. Dental restorations are one of the ways to help repair or replace teeth.

Our dentists at Campsie Street Dental can help create custom crowns and bridges that are likely to feel like a natural tooth and match the appearance of your other teeth. We can explain all the options you can choose from to help restore your dental structure.

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What is a dental crown?

A tooth crown is a cap used to cover large cavities or a chipped, cracked or weakened tooth. As well as affecting your appearance, a damaged tooth can also affect your ability to eat and may be more vulnerable to decay and trauma. A crown can help restore a tooth’s original shape, strength and function.

If you’re having another dental treatment such as a root canal or bridge, we may use a crown to restore the treated tooth after the procedure. Crowns may also be chosen for cosmetic reasons, if you want to alter the shape, size or colour of a tooth.

How we place a crown

If you choose a crown, we’ll first prepare the tooth by reducing its size and then take a mould of its existing structure. When your dental crown is ready, we can polish its appearance and check that it’s the right fit before cementing it into place on top of your tooth. We usually advise to take it easy and to avoid hard or crunchy foods for a few days until the crown has had a chance to bond, otherwise there’s a risk of the crown becoming dislodged.

Dental crown materials

Crowns can be made from a variety of materials. At Campsie Street Dental, we use porcelain (ceramic) crowns that are likely to look as close as possible to natural teeth.

Porcelain crowns usually last 5-15 years, depending on how you take care of the crown and the underlying tooth and gum.

What is a dental bridge?

A fixed bridge is a prosthetic tooth used to ‘bridge’ the gap if a tooth and its root is missing. They can replace an individual missing tooth or several missing teeth in a row, as long as some neighbouring teeth are still in place to provide support.

There are more than just cosmetic reasons to replace a missing tooth. Without support, the teeth adjacent to the gap can move and become crooked, which may lead to complications such as bite problems. A dental bridge can fill this gap and also help protect the underlying gum from damage.

How we place a bridge

A bridge is supported by crowns fitted over the teeth on each side. This involves first reducing the size of these teeth and taking a mould of your mouth that our dentists can use to help design your restorations.

If you choose a dental bridge at Campsie Street Dental, we can help design and manufacture your bridge and crowns using natural-looking porcelain that’s been colour-matched to your teeth.

When your bridge and crowns are ready, we’ll check their fit and make any final adjustments necessary before cementing them into place. We usually advise you to eat soft foods for a few days and to take care when brushing and flossing around your restorations until they’ve bonded.

What is the difference between a crown and bridge?

A crown is a cap fitted over a remaining damaged tooth. A bridge is a replacement tooth used to fill a gap where a tooth is missing.

Crowns and bridges can be made from the same materials and colour-matched to your natural tooth shade to restore your former smile. If you choose a dental bridge, we can also place two crowns on the adjacent teeth for support.

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