Fillings in Campsie

Cavities can weaken your teeth and cause food to get trapped, which can increase your risk of tooth decay and further damage. Fillings help us repair a damaged tooth.

Our dentists at Campsie Street Dental use white fillings that are customised to your natural tooth shade. If we think you could benefit from a tooth filling, we’ll explain what the procedure involves and discuss alternative treatments so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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What are tooth fillings and why would I need one?

Tooth decay can happen when bacteria living in your mouth convert sugar into acid, which wears down the hard enamel surface of teeth. Over time, decay and erosion can cause holes to form in your teeth, known as cavities.

Fillings can be placed in cavities to restore the strength and appearance of a tooth and protect it against further decay. A large filling may sometimes be used instead of a crown to treat small chips in teeth or to restore a tooth after a root canal treatment.

What are tooth-coloured fillings (white fillings)?

‘White’ fillings are coloured like natural teeth and made from a composite resin. This resin is applied by our dentists directly into a cavity to make sure it’s completely sealed, then sculpted and polished for a smooth, natural-looking finish.

We’ll choose a shade of resin that’s the closest match to your natural tooth shade. Composite resin fillings are the most popular type of filling today for their more natural appearance.

How are tooth-coloured fillings different from other types of fillings?

Fillings used to be made from metal. Silver amalgam fillings are still offered by some dentists today, but they’re less popular than white fillings due to their less natural appearance.

If you have a larger cavity, our dentists may discuss alternatives to fillings such as inlays/onlays or a dental crown.

How long do fillings last?

In our experience, tooth-coloured fillings can last up to 10 years once placed, as long as you follow good oral hygiene and avoid certain hard foods or activities that could cause damage. You still need to brush and floss a tooth with a filling, and cutting down on sugary and acidic food and drink will lower your risk of developing tooth decay and further cavities.

When you visit us for your regular check-up, we’ll check your fillings as well as your teeth. If any of your fillings are damaged or worn, we can remove and replace them with a new one. We can also replace old metal fillings with tooth-coloured fillings if you’d prefer a more discrete look.

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